Summer nail designs 2016

This summer nail design I created on the idea of the sun and the green nature. Flight and green are ideal for summer and Sunny mood. Adding to the summer design straight lines, you will get trendy nail designs Summer 2016.

You will need: green and yellow nail Polish, Scotch tape, and eyeliner.

Master class — summer manicure 2016:

nails 2016

Fashion nails 2016

1. Paint your nails with clear nail Polish. Paint your nails of the thumb, index finger and little finger green nail Polish, paint the nail of the middle finger yellow nail Polish.

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2. Now cut two thin strips of Scotch tape. Put their cross on the nail of the ring finger. You get 4 squares. Paint 2 square green nail Polish, 2 other square yellow nail Polish. Remove the Scotch tape from the nail.

3. Draw lines on nails with the help of eyeliner (see photo). Allow time for liquid eyeliner to dry. Carefully paint your nails with a protective lacquer.

Also, watch the VIDEO summer manicure 2016.