Simple hearts nail art + video

Easy hearts nail art tutorial. It can be done as Valentine’s Day and any other day. This is a beautiful and simple manicure with hearts can be done in less than 20 minutes.

Read our tutorial with pictures and watch the video tutorial below.

You will need:

  • nail polish: white, black, pink.
  • a Pin or a needle (if a needle, thick)
  • Toothpick
  • Sheet of paper to wipe the excess nail Polish with toothpicks and pins.

The sheet of paper lay on the table beside him. On it you will wipe a pin and a toothpick, when you need to remove excess varnish.


Manicure at home

White nail Polish

Tutorial: how to do a hearts nail art:

1. Paint all nails with a 1 coat of white nail Polish.

2. Now paint your ring finger nail white nail Polish on the second coat.

Simple manicure

Manicures in 20 minutes

3. Put three dots of pink nail Polish with a toothpick on the contour of the little triangle.

Heart on the nail

Manicure at home

4. Connect the dots with a toothpick. Ideally, you should receive the heart. If you don’t like the shape of a heart, then draw the edges of the heart with a toothpick to create the desired shape.

nail designs at home

Easy manicure at home

5. Draw as many hearts as you want. I drew a 5 hearts.

Pink hearts on the nails

Heart on the nail

6. Add some of dots of black nail Polish around the hearts using a pin. Paint the remaining nails with white lacquer. Now you hearts nail art is finish!

Manicure your hands

Pink hearts on your nails

Easy nail art at home

Manicure with your own hands

IMPORTANT: Before to cover the nails with top coat, allow the nail polish to dry thoroughly, otherwise there will be black smudges.

Manicure at home

White nail Polish

Also, watch the video tutorial how to create this simple nail art at home: