Mummy nail art

Mummy — great and fun Halloween look. Don’t forget to make special mummy nail art! It’s easy and you’ll not need any nail art equipment.

Вам понадобится: белый и черный лак для ногтей, жидкая подводка для глаз черного цвета и зубочистка.

Mummy nail art tutorial:

Mummy nail art

Mummy nail art tutorial

1. Apply a bace coat and two more coats of the white shade. Let it dry.

2. Then you’ll need a liquid eyeliner. Draw lines on all the nails except for the ring finger trying to imitate mummy gauze wraps.

3. Using black nail polish draw a line close to the tip of the nail of the ring finger. Then switch to the white nail polish. Remove the nail polish access and put two dots on top of the black color. These will be the eyes of the mommy. Draw pupils using the toothpick.

4. Using a liquid eyeliner create an illusion of the gauze around the eyes (watch photo or video tutorial).

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Watch video tutorial — Mummy nail art: