Halloween mermaid makeup tutorial

If you haven’t already picked your mermaid Halloween costume, make sure you do a matching makeup. It’s very simple as you can see.

Watch this video tutorial to make sure you do everything right.

For this Halloween make-up you’ll need:

1. Fishnet pantyhose
2. Purple and blue tone eyeshadows
3. Beige eyeshadow
4. An eye makeup brush

You can always add:
1. Glitter and glue
2. White eyeshadows
3. White mascara.

Mermaid makeup easy steps:

1. Apply a foundation all over your face. Take a pair of fishnet pantyhose and cut a piece 15-20 inches long. Put it on your face.

2. Now create the mermaid scales. Use your blue/purpled eyeshadows. Apply the shades thorough the piece of stocking using a makeup brush. Give the scales an ombré effect: there should be a seamless transaction between your light blue, navy, and purple shades. Apply a beige shadow on your cheekbones.

3. Using the same color define the eye crease and contour your nose and your lips. Apply white eyeshadow above the upper lip and on the bridge of your nose.

4. Apply black mascara to your lashes. You can also add a bit of a white mascara to the tips of the eyelashes (optional).

5. Also, you can use the eyeshadow for you neck (optional). Add glitter to make your make up more vibrant.

Enjoy your Mermaid makeup!