Bat Halloween Makeup tutorial

Bat Halloween Makeup. I love this makeup because it’s easy. You just need to do a quick makeup and wear your regular clothes. Also, for this make-up you’ll need the products every girl has in her makeup bag.

Halloween Make-up

Beautiful Halloween Make-up

That’s why Bat Halloween Costume is not only a very appropriate Halloween costumes, but also a very easy look that will probably take you one hour to complete.

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Drawing a bat is easy. You should practice on a piece of paper first. I drew two bats on paper and then I felt comfortable drawing it on my face.

You can either read these easy steps to create a Bat Halloween makeup or you can click on the link in the end of this article to watch a YouTube video.

How to make Bat Halloween makeup:

1. First, apply foundation to even out your skin.

2. Then, apply white shadows on your eye lid and into your inner corner. I recommend using cream eyeshadows because then it’s easier to draw upon them with an eye kohl.

Step 2-1. Halloween makeup - Bat

2-1. Halloween makeup — Bat



Use your eyeliner/ eye kohl on the water line and between the top lashes. I usually go thicker towards the outer corner of the eye.

Step 2. Halloween makeup - Bat

2. Halloween makeup — Bat


3. With the liquid liner draw two triangulars in the outer corner which represent bat’s ears. I make the further triangular a bit longer.

Step 3. Halloween makeup - Bat

3. Halloween makeup — Bat


4. Relax and make a deep breath. I always do so before I draw unusual lined on my face. As a result, I get a straight consistent line. Using your liquid liner draw a curvy line from the further triangular to the temple. It’ll be the upper part of the bat’s wing

Now let’s draw the lower part of the wing. I usually start with the outer corner, but you might find it easier to do the inner corner first.

Now fill out the wing with the black liquid eyeliner.

Step 4. Halloween makeup - Bat

4. Halloween makeup — Bat


5. Tighten the line of your upper lid with a black pencil to make it more dramatic.

Apply a thick coat of mascara. You can also wear false lashes.

Step 5. Halloween makeup - Bat

5. Halloween makeup — Bat


6. Draw a small bat on your face, anywhere you feel comfortable. I did mine on the cheekbone.

Draw two small triangulars – the bat’s ears and the head. Now add the wings and fill our the contour with black liquid eyeliner.

Step 6. Halloween makeup - Bat

6. Halloween makeup — Bat


7. Apply white eyeshadows into the inner corners to highlight that area. You can add them to the upper lid to make it shine.

Step 7. Halloween makeup - Bat

7. Halloween makeup — Bat


8. Add some light colored eyeshadows on the brow bone (I go for a light beige color).

Step 8. Halloween makeup - Bat

8. Halloween makeup — Bat


If you want to, you can add some gloss to the lower line of the bat’s wing that you drew around your eyes.

9. Apply red lipstick to your lips. Blot and add a biy of lip gloss.

Step 9. Halloween makeup - Bat

9. Halloween makeup — Bat


10. Put on black or red clothes. You can also wear jeans with a black T-shirt. You are ready, girl! Now go and enjoy the party!

Easy Halloween makeup - Bat

Halloween makeup — Bat


Here’s the YouTube link I promised you! You can watch the Bat Halloween Makeup tutorial now.

Halloween Bat Makeup

Halloween Bat Makeup tutorial

Halloween Bat Makeup tutorial

Halloween Bat Makeup