Halloween costumes for kids / girls

Costumes for girls. Some girls can be real princess for Halloween while the others can dress up as little zombies. It depends on their parents’ choice. There is a variety of different Halloween costumes starting from the Snow White and Ninja Turtle to fairy tale princesses and Firebirds.

Under “Costumes for girls” tab we divided clothes into different categories: Girls 1-3 – year-old, 4-6– year-old, 6-8– year-old, and teenagers.

Neither we skipped baby fashionistas from newborns to one– year-old. You can also find creative costumes for babies.

Before picking a costume for a girl, we recommend you to go through all the articles just to get some inspiration, because you can adapt any costume for a kid of any age.

These are costumes filtered by age:

1. If your daughter is younger than 1, search on the page with Halloween costumes for toddlers.

2. Click here to see costumes for a little princess from 1 to 3.

3. Costumes for girls 4 to 6-year-old.

4. Costumes for girls 6 to 8-year-old.

5. We also recommend reading the article about Halloween costumes for teen girls.

Dear moms, this is what can happen, if for some reason you’ll be away before Halloween and the father is the one in charge to dress your daughter.

1. Halloween costume for kid / girl

Scary Halloween costume for kid / girl

2. Halloween costume for kid / girl

Robot costume for kid — girl

3. Halloween costume for kid / girl

Original Halloween costume for girls

4. Halloween costume for kid / girl

Unusual Halloween Costume for Girl

5. Halloween costume for kid / girl

Halloween costume for girl (kid) — all ideas