Cartoon nail art

Cute Halloween manicure – pink Cartoon nail art. Don’t think it’s because of any special effects, it does look this way.

Я не уверена, что такой дизайн ногтей подойдет для работы, но для выходных – это прекрасное решение для яркого праздника и хорошего настроения.

Lady Cherry has many nail art tutorial for a good mood, which will appeal to both professionals and beginners.

Cartoon nail art tutorial:

Cartoon nail art

Cartoon nail art tutorial

1. Apply a base coat and two coats of pink polish.

2. The easiest way is to use a liquid eyeliner brush. Make sure you are drawing with the very tip of the brush, because if you accidently swirl it, you might end up with a thick white line.. Paint a white stripe. Make sure you have very little nail polish on the brush.

Using a toothpick draw a little dot right under the stripe.

3. Let your nails dry for at least 15 min and then cover your nails with a transparent nail polish.

Or… watch the video tutorial урок.